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January Updates and New Content!

Posted January 6, 2021

  • Altered Monk kit. The Monk kit started looking a little crunchy. Instead, to emulate the fast-attack cinematic quality of monks, they've been adjusted to allow you to split a single attack up into multiple, with the same damage die: "You may make your attack against any number of targets in range, and divide the damage as you wish among those you hit. Apply your weapon tactic against the first target only."
  • Reverted Swashbuckler revision. I've reverted this revision as the flavor of a Swashbuckler is that they're throwing caution to the wind when making their counterattack, and if they can parry and attack at the same time it makes them too powerful (consider a Fighter Swashbuckler: she can block an attack, then attack the opponent twice in this case. Instead I prefer her having use one attack to parry and one to counterattack). [THIS REVISION HAS BEEN REVERTED] (edited)
  • Broadened scope of Monster Hunter kit. "You have trained for many years in pursuit of the beast. Choose a creature type. You know its tactics, its strengths, and its weaknesses. You gain advantage in all rolls against creatures of this type." Advantage now applies to all rolls, including outside of combat.
  • Changed Precog kit. "You were born with a gift that allows you brief glimpses into the future. For 3 MP, you may take advantage on any non-attack roll of your choice after making the roll." Kit or classes confer advantage on attacks only with specific conditions (outside of origins).
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