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Clarification on Summons & Attribute, Skill, and MP Use

Posted September 27, 2022

There is some guidance as to the default assumptions when a summoned creature comes into play under the Spell Logic rules:

Some spells bring under your control summons, which are typically monsters or animals. If the spell does not specify the mechanics for the summon (abilities, attributes, attacks, etc), and the GM does not have in mind a particular set of stats for the summon, then assume the summon uses your stats for rolls and confer with the GM as to how to handle its unique abilities as described by the spell.

Note that some spells and abilities will specify the stats of a summon, such as with the Summoner kit:

Your communion with the astral dimension has created a friendship with an otherworldly being imbued of your maleficence that you may summon to your aid. The entity's HP are equal to 1d6 plus 1 point per MP spent, it has 3 in all attributes and may use your skills where appropriate, and all its attacks have the peril of your maleficence. Your summon is returned to its plane of existence for a day's rest whenever it is slain. Conjuration spell checks explode on a 5 or a 6.

One question that was raised is whether a Summon uses MP when making its attacks (such as in the case of the Summoner's ability). The answer is no: such summons are making attacks that impart the peril of your maleficence, their attack is not in itself a maleficence. Note this is not the case with Demonic Succor, which summons a demon that has a maleficence of its own.

Furthermore, what class of weapon the attack is depends on the nature of the summon: is it a bear that fights with its strength (Mighty)? A dextrous lizard (Deft)? An elemental whose attacks are pure energy (Smart)? Confer with the GM as to which weapon class makes the most sense.

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