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Horn of the Shieldmaidens


This brass horn is adorned with a continuous frieze of the divine exploits of female valkyries. To activate the horn, you must supplicate the god of war by praying for aid, and then sound the horn. The horn can be sounded but once, after which it shatters and dissolves into dust. Once sounded, the horn summons a number of armored, female warrior Daemon equal to its strength, who fight at your command fearlessly and to their death or until your supplication is vindicated (at the GM's discretion). A dead or vindicated valkyrie dissolves into dust like the horn. The Daemon need neither food nor drink to survive, and do not sleep. They are each paladins with a divine maleficence and have 6 in all attributes, 7 HP, 10 AP, 12 MP, and 1 soak. They are are skilled in Edged weapons, Influence, and Athletics and wield a body shield and edged weapon of your choosing.

Rarity: 5

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