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Probability Drain


You tamper with the threads of fate to sow chaos in the area of effect. Targets in the area of effect must roll a 1d6 before acting. For 1 MP, there is a 1 in 6 chance the effects will be chaotic; for 2 MP, a 2 in 6 chance; and for 3 MP, a 3 in 6 chance. Targets subject to chaotic effects make a success check after taking their action: if they do not roll a clean success, a chaos surge occurs and affects the encounter, as determined by the GM. Roll a d6: on a 1, there is collateral damage; on a 2, the action has unintended targets; on a 3, something is gained and something is lost; on a 4, there is a transformation or reversal; on a 5, the action is out of control; on a 6, the action "costs" twice as much to enact. This spell affects everyone in the area of effect, including the spellcaster. You must concentrate on the spell for its duration, or else the chaos subsides.


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