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New Maverick Kit & Kit Updates

Posted February 26, 2023

The New Maverick kit serves as a foil to the Iconoclast. Whereas the Iconoclast allows characters to overcome the orthodox ideology within an origin, the Maverick allows characters to overcome the orthodox physiology of their origin. Characters can take the kit to negate any disadvantage imposed by their origin when making mundane attacks, as well as start with an extra weapon skill.

Other kit updates make minor language changes to kits across the board as well as adjustments to abilities:

  • The Artificer now starts with a Crafting skill specialty.
  • Clarified Geometer to read: "For 1 extra MP when casting a spell, you may alter a single instance of a word in the text of any spell (excepting numbers or countable values)." (Bold added.)
  • The Marksman's ability adds "Ranged weapons deal an additional +1 damage."
  • The Merchant has been revised such that the kit is considered skilled in any checks involving business affairs as long as the character has MP. The character creator now supports managing starting gold to match the Merchant's 500.
  • The Sellsword now starts with a Trade skill specialty.
  • The Tactician has been revised to allow for the application of weapon tactics from skills a character is not proficient in at a higher cost.
  • Stealth checks now explode on a 5 or 6 for the Warden.
  • The White Mage may now cast Curative spells as a reaction.
  • The Witch has been completely revised.

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