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Ceremonial Blade


The wicked curves of this ritual blade are set into a black handle and emblazoned with runes. In order to attune with this weapon and use its powers, you must perform a ritual of sacrifice and succeed on a Mighty check at TN 10 + the strength of the item. After you attune, the invisible etheric flame the blade emanates becomes visible to you. You may activate this blade by drawing magic symbols onto the ground with its fire: 1) if you draw a circle, you may cast the spell Circle of Protection; 2) if you draw a pentagram, you may cast the spell Demonic Succor; 3) if you draw a triangle in your flesh, your blood may consecrate a single object per the spell Sanctify. Anyone other than you who touches the blade receives 1d6 psychic damage and is stunned, but otherwise it functions as a normal weapon in combat.

Rarity: 5

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