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Bag Beast


This cursed bag contains the mouth of an extradimensional monster that eats whatever you put inside of it. On the exterior, the bag looks like a normal burlap sack no larger than a backpack, but radiates faint magic. Any nonliving, mundane object you put inside the bag will be devoured by the end of the day, disappearing into the Astral Veil as raw materials; magical items are expelled as indigestible within a few hours. Living objects put inside the bag (including limbs that reach inside) are subject to a 50% chance each round of being devoured; once devoured, victims receive 1d6 damage per round and the peril of the Acid maleficence until they make a successful Mighty check vs. a TN or 10 + the strength of the item to escape. The bag will completely swallow and entangle victims that are humanoid size or smaller; larger victims are only subject to the devouring for one round and can sacrifice their action to break free without having to check.

Rarity: 1

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