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Attunement Crystal


This diamond-shaped crystal possesses a spark of sentience of its own, and will only reveal its function to psychics who first attune with it. For every point of strength, it takes an hour of uninterrupted concentration to attune with the crystal. The crystal then embeds itself into your forehead and disappears, only becoming visible when it is being used. Every attunement crystal contains a number of MP equal to its strength: 1) 2 MP; 2) 3 MP; 3) 6 MP, that you may add to your MP pool to cast psychic spells; these MP recover when you rest. After attuning with the crystal, roll a d6 to determine its secondary property (which may be activated by thought): 1) as a reaction, you may counter a psychic spell per the spell Counterspell; 2) the crystal lets you breathe without air, 3) the crystal sustains you without food or water; 3) the crystal stores an additional 1d6 HP that recover when you rest; 6) the crystal confers a soak of 1.

Focus Objects
Precious Stones
Rarity: 3

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