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Changes to Spellsing Technique

Posted February 7, 2024

The Bard class is able to extend the duration of a spell indefinitely per its technique Spellsing, which makes the spell function as a concentration spell.

Our resident designer Courtney noticed that the Bard's technique becomes less useful when they reach higher levels, because most encounters last between 3 and 4 rounds. To help the Bard class out, we've changed the technique so that the Bard can concentrate on more than one spell at a time when changing its duration to indefinite:

Choose an art: singing, dancing, or playing. You may choose to make the duration of any spell you cast indefinite, as long as you are performing your art (the duration of your spell is 0 as opposed to a number of rounds equal to your level plus the MP you spend). You may concentrate on a number of spells in this way equal to your level, but you may not attack while performing your art. Your art must make noise audible to all in the encounter to work. You may use Performance in lieu of any Arcana skill with your maleficence or spell checks.

For example, the Bard might cast Haste/Slow on their first round in an encounter, and maintain the effects as a concentration spell with indefinite duration. On the second round, the Bard might decide to cast Circle of Protection, which is ordinarily a concentration spell, but maintain that spell and Haste/Slow (which is now effectively a concentration spell) indefinitely. So long as the Bard doesn't attack or lose concentration (by being distracted or damaged), the Bard can continue to cast a new spell with indefinite duration in this way for each level of experience.

On the flip side, if the Bard loses concentration, all their spells in effect immediately end.

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