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Adjustments to HP Recovery for Wardens, Barbarians, and the Survival Skill

Posted January 30, 2024

The Warden, Barbarian, and Survival skill all impart abilities that impact HP and/or wound recovery. Specifically, Survival previously allowed PCs to recover 2 HP in a single rest period instead of 1, and the Barbarian allowed the same (or 2 wounds in a rest period). The Warden doubles the recovery in a rest period, but only when resting in the Warden’s expert domain setting (an urban environment, a jungle, the mountains, etc).

To make these kits and the skill modular while keeping system balance (given that the game generally affords few HP per PC), the Barbarian now adds an additional HP or wound in a rest period and the Survival skill allows an additional HP on rest. The Warden remains the same with respect to doubling the rest period, given its restrictions.

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