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Prism of Radiance


This glimmering triangular prism fits in the palm of the hand and shines conspiciously under any source of light. At will, you may point the prism in a direction and it will radiate white light in a cone 1 melee space in length. By thought, you may activate the prism to 1) flash a ray of light that blinds a single target (the target is entitled to a defense check vs a spell check using an Arcana of your choice) or 2) flare up in a melee space, blinding everyone who can see it, but such usage of the prism will crack one of its 5 faces. If all the faces of the prism are cracked, it inert and drained of its abilities. You are immune to the debilitating effects of the radiance, which inflicts the peril and secondary effect of the Divine maleficence when used to cause harm.

Precious Stones
Rarity: 4

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