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Feather Token


These magic feathers are said to have fallen from the wings of a god of birds. By word of command, each token transforms into an object made of steel-strong roc down by word of command. Roll randomly to determine the token's type: 1) an anchor, 2) a swan boat, 3) a bird, 4) a giant fan, 5) a nesting tree, or 6) a tether. The object persists for 24 hours, then dissolves into feathers: 1) the anchor is an immovable weight of personal size that can anchor ships; 2) the swan is a giant roc construct that can carry an encounter space of any weight over water; 3) the bird is a flying roc construct that can carry up to 4 riders; 4) the giant fan works only at sea and by flapping autonomously can move an entire vessel; 5) the nesting tree instantly grows one encounter size tall with a protective nest on top that functions like sanctuary, 6) the tether is a powerful rope that extends to one encounter length and can accommodate any weight.

Rarity: 2

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