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Dream Tarot


This elaborately illustrated deck of cards contains a wealth of magical phantasms. When you draw a card from the deck and fling it to the ground, one of the deck's phantasms are brought under your command. Roll a die to determine the type of phantasm conjured: 1) a dragon, 2) a knight, 3) a sorcerer, 4) a giant, 5) three goblins, 6) a ghoul, 7) a clockwerk behemoth, 8) a human bandit, 9) an orc, 10) a maiden, 11) a griffon, or 12) a double of you. Phantasms have physical substance and emit sound per the spell Phantasm, and persist for the duration of the encounter or scene. Harm caused by them can kill, but is undone when the illusion ends or is disbelieved.

Fine Art
Rarity: 2

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