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Dragonscale Armor


This suit of legendary scalemail is woven from the plates of a dragon's hide. When you first discover this armor, roll for the type of dragon's hide. Each dragon's hide is immune to types of magical and mundane harm corresponding to its color, as well as specific status effects: 1) gold: divine and sound maleficence, light, fear, and stun, 2) green: venom maleficence and poison, 3) black: acid, shadow, and blindness, 4) white: cold maleficence and slow, 5) blue: lightning and force maleficence, and stun, 6) red: fire maleficence, rage, and fear, 7) brass: fire maleficence, sleep, and charm, 8) copper: acid maleficence, madness, and slow, 9) silver: cold maleficence and paralysis, 10) purple: psychic maleficence, confusion, and feeblemindedness, 11) bronze: lightning and force maleficence, fear, and shapeshifting, 12) prismatic: at the start of each round, you may activate the armor and switch its color to any of the 11 dragon colors by thought. When you wear this armor, you receive the benefits of the dragon hide's natural immunities.

Rarity: 6

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