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WorldsThe Dune Sea


The Dune Sea

Travelers dread the immense desert wasteland of Mamara, for few have crossed its dunes alive. Mamara is the largest realm in the World of Ruin, divided into the provinces of Al Tufail, Sirokos, and Doggerland.

Mamara was once ruled by an ancient dynasty of Pharaohs, and according to myth, the Dune Sea was once a lush paradise. What ravages created the vast desert remain a mystery to its inhabitants. In the east, the Valley of the Dead in Sirokos is a forbidden desert punctuated by three salty rivers, and no sane traveler will travel up the long road of Pilgrim's Path toward the ruin of the Tomb of Kings, where the Burning Pharaohs sleep. In the Valley of the Dead, it is rumored that tribes of dead warriors called Ammuti roam.

To the west, the tribes who were once the Pharaohs' people cling to life in small villages dotted alongside fertile oases near Al Tufail, the most populated region in all of Mamara. Here, it is said the capricious Sultana Meseampur rules in place of the Caliphate she ousted, and some believe she is a Rasa.

The hard-heartened Mamarans are as varied in their beliefs as they are in their origins, but fierce survival instincts has made them all suspicious of outsiders.

The Alchemist Azarbod

Azarbod is believed to have been a student of Muraius. His book are the foundation of the school of alchemy.


Midworlders, Ammuti, Rasan Humanoids

Religion & Culture

The Sirokan Gods, The Rasan Pantheon

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