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Introducing Heroic Deeds of Valor

Posted December 24, 2023

Just in time for Christmas, this update to OSR+ is all about martial heroes!

Heroic deeds of valor are cinematic actions non-spellcasting heroes can take to bolster their efforts in encounter and exploration modes. Whenever you can act (as an action, bonus action, or reaction), you may spend one or more deed dice to take cinematic action.

  • Deft Deed. You use your action to steal the artifact, and now a giant boulder is hurtling your way. You can't double your movement to run away (since that takes an action), so you spend a deed die to fling a grappling hook, making it possible to use your regular movement to climb to safety.
  • Mighty Deed. You're surrounded by enemies and need to break free. You use your action to parry their attacks, but spend a Mighty deed die to shove them out of the way, creating a clear path for your escape.
  • Smart Deed. You quickly assess the battlefield, identifying a key point of distraction amidst the chaos. After using your action to fire an arrow into the fray, you spend a Smart deed die to toss a smoke bomb, diverting the attention of your foes.

Deeds of valor can be anything you can imagine, but they do come with some restrictions, as outlined in the core rules.

You'll also find that the Character Creator supports earning and tracking deed dice in your character sheet.


Deeds of Valor

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