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Krank Zimflay

HumanChaos MageMage(Level 9)

4 / 8


  • Type NPC
  • Morale Fearless
  • Culture Idanian
  • Ethos Radical


Estoc (Tuck Sword) +3

  • 5

Bare Fists or Feet +3

  • M/2

Chaos Maleficence +5

  • 1d6 (Chaos)

Attack Pattern

  • Spell || Weapon


  • Initiative +2
  • Armor Chitin

NPC Perks

  • Spell Icon



    You may distribute 11 points to your attributes upon character creation, but if you do, you start with 1 fewer skill.

  • Spell Icon

    Advantage (Deft)


    This example perk makes Deft have advantage.

  • Spell Icon

    Arcane Adept


    As a reaction, you may make a spell check using Smart to dispel the magic of your enemies (per the spell Dispel Magic) if you have not already acted in the round. Additionally, you may absorb their spell before its targets are affected by the magic as long as your opponent is visible to you. To absorb an opponent’s magic, you must spend MP equal to the MP your opponent spent to cast the spell. As long as you have MP (and at the GM's discretion), you can create minor, illusory cantrips related to your maleficence. Such cantrips are instantaneous and harmless, and cannot duplicate the effects of any other spells.

  • Spell Icon

    Chaos Mage


    You experiment with raw, primordial magic, which is as unpredictable as it is powerful. You may choose to cast any spell you have not learned, but if you do, make an Arcana success check: if you do not roll exactly clean success (11 or 12), a chaos surge occurs and affects the encounter, as determined by the GM. Roll a d6: on a 1, there is collateral damage; on a 2, your spell has unintended targets; on a 3, something is gained and something is lost; on a 4, there is a transformation or reversal; on a 5, the spell is out of control; on a 6, the spell costs twice as much to cast. Probability spell checks explode on a 5 or a 6.

  • Spell Icon

    Magic Resistance


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  • Anti/Sympathy +8

  • Chain Maleficence +5

  • Chaos Vortex +5

  • Control (Plants) +8

  • Counterspell +5

  • Demonic Succor +8

  • Dimension Door +5

  • Forget +5

  • Mind Reading +3

  • Modify Memory +3

  • Secret Passage +8

  • Zone of Chaos +5


  • Bonus Cantrips
  • Exaltation
  • Fork Maleficence
  • Internal Compass
  • Legendary Liver
  • Lucky
  • Renown
  • Spell Substitution
  • Trivial Knowledge

Inventory (0/13)

Item Icon
Item Icon
Estoc (Tuck Sword)

This hero has not logged any notes.




 Deed Die 0 / 0
 Deed Die 0 / 0
 Deed Die 0 / 0


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