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AstralWild(Level 5)

These fiery hounds serve as guardians to warlocks and other fiends.

7 / 0


  • Type Monster
  • Morale Fearless
  • Ethos Megalomaniac


  • Arcadian
  • Arcanese


Bite +8

  • 5 (Fire) x1

Fire Breath +8

  • 1d6 (Fire) x1

Lunge +7

  • 4 (Ensnare, Knockdown) x1

Bare Fists or Feet +6

  • M/2

Attack Pattern

  • (Bite || Lunge) || Fire Breath


  • Initiative +2

NPC Perks

  • Spell Icon



    As a reaction, you may make a spell check using Smart to dispel the magic of your enemies if you have not already acted in the round. You may absorb their spell before its targets are affected by the magic as long as your opponent is visible to you. To absorb an opponent’s magic, you must spend MP equal to the MP your opponent spent to cast the spell. As long as you have MP (and at the GM's discretion), you can create minor, illusory cantrips related to your maleficence. Such cantrips are instantaneous and harmless, and cannot duplicate the effects of any other spells.

  • Spell Icon



    You may make a second attack on your turn. Your second attack is made with disadvantage. As long as you have MP, you may use any attack available in the round as a reaction against your opponent if they attempt to disengage from your melee space. Such attacks are made with advantage.

  • Spell Icon

    Magic Resistance


    Choose an art: singing, dancing, or playing. You may choose to make the duration of any spell you cast indefinite, as long as you are performing your art (the duration of your spell is 0 as opposed to a number of rounds equal to your level plus the MP you spend). If you choose to do so, you cannot cast concentration spells or attack while performing your art. Your art must make noise audible to all in the encounter to work. You may use Performance in lieu of any Arcana skill with your maleficence or spell checks.

  • Spell Icon

    Natural Camouflage


    Choose a maleficence. For 1 MP, you may apply the peril of your maleficence to an attack with your weapon (this does not count as an action). For 3 MP, you may convert your maleficence into healing energy that recovers 1d6 HP to any target you touch. A paladin's maleficence is not subject to magic penalties conferred by armor or shields.


You have not learned any spells.


You have not learned any stances.

Inventory (0/16)


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 Deed Die 1 / 1
 Deed Die 0 / 0
 Deed Die 0 / 0


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