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Cosmic Key


The holster of this technological marvel is a cylinder covered with golden buttons, out of which sprouts an array of metallic tuning forks. When you activate the device by pressing buttons to play a harmonic sequence, the tuning forks spin, emit conspicious holographic lights, and sound a melody. After 1d6 rounds of playing the melody, a portal opens to a location anywhere in the universe (including locations in and beyond the Astral Veil) that matches the harmonic sequence you entered, and remains open as long as you continue to play. The size of the portal is equal to the strength of the item: 1) a personal space, 2) a melee space, 3) an encounter space. The cosmic key can be programmed with a number of locations equal to its strength, and once a sequence is programmed, the portal can be opened immediately. Consult with the GM to determine what is required to learn the harmonic sequence of a location; learning such sequences generally require prior study of the location's cartography in the Astral Veil, or when under duress, psionic power and musical ability.

Musical Instruments
Rarity: 6

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