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Summons, Stances in the Overworld, and Specialized Skills in Scene Checks

Posted November 14, 2023

Below are some clarifications and errata on three different areas of the core rules.


A summoned creature is something brought into being from outside the material realm under your control (as opposed to a familiar that already resides on the material realm). You can summon creatures via spells or kits. Generally, you fall back to spell logic (and GM fiat) when it comes to handling the stats of a summon when such stats are not specified by the ability in question. However, we've added a limitation called "Astral Parity" to that default spell logic that describes a summon's freedom of movement, in order to balance against the utility of spells like Magic Monitor and the abilities of other familiars.

Stances in the Overworld

Stances reset when you rest, but it becomes unclear when stances reset in game modes (or checks) that use abstract time. If a stance is invoked in abstract time (during an overworld check, or in a scene check for example), then it doesn't reset until you're able to rest outside of that game mode or check. For example, if you use a stance in an act on a scene check, you can't use that stance again until you're able to rest after the scene check is complete. In the same way, if you use a stance on an overworld check while in the overworld game mode, you can't use that stance again until the GM switches to another game mode, and you're able to rest.

Specialized Skills in Scene Checks

Because a scene check represents an abstraction of all the actions the party are collectively taking together, the individual mechanics of each hero can't be applied to the mechanics of the scene check. This extends to the use of specialized skills. So for example, if another party member is conferring a specialized skill as part of the scene check, this doesn’t impact the d6 roll, as the only thing that can impact the roll are class abilities or origin abilities originating from the hero that leads the action (and thus rolls the d6).

Scene Checks


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