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Revisions to Revive and Courage, New Spell: Blood Ritual

Posted November 6, 2021

  • Modifications to Revive and Courage:
    • Revive. You grab hold of a target's silver cord, anchoring their soul to the world of the living (the target must be at death's door). The target receives the stabilized condition and heals 1 wound. Any status effects caused by minor perils on the target(s) are cured."
    • Courage. You call upon your magic patron to inspire courage in a target other than yourself. The target becomes fearless and gains an additional 1 HP per MP spent, up to the target's maximum HP. The HP are temporary and do not recover after they are lost, but persist beyond the spell's duration.
  • New spell: the only spell in the game that heals wounds directly: Blood Ritual. You draw a circle of power around the target(s) in a ritual of restoration. You must spend 24 hours conducting the ritual uninterrupted, and your targets must remain in the circle. At the conclusion of the spell, your targets heal 1 wound for each MP spent, up to a maximum of 3 wounds.
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