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Core RulesTreasure



These spheres of refined numenic ore are used to power Clockwerk and other machines. When a lodestone is first discovered, roll to determine its size: 1) tiny: powering a small mechanism (larger than a pearl), 2) small: powering a small, handheld device (larger than a small stone), 3) medium: powering a man-sized vehicle (larger than a baseball), 4) large: powering a melee-sized vehicle (larger than a basketball), 5) bulky: powering an airship (larger than a personal space), 6) huge: powering a flagship or larger machine (melee-sized). Lodestones are sheathed in six-inch metal sheaths and naturally float 1 to 2 feet above the ground. When two lodestones are brought into close proximity to each other, they push apart magnetically. An unsheathed lodestone shines brightly and blinds anyone who looks directly into its light; any physical or energetic object that collides with an unsheathed lodestone threatens to destabilize its core, which can cause an explosion that deals 4d6 damage plus 1d6 per strength of the lodestone, to all in an encounter space.

Raw Materials
Rarity: 5

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