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Dimensional Beads


These tiny beads resemble glass marbles but are in fact magically compactified orbules of higher dimensional space. Roll a d6 to determine how many beads you find upon their first discovery. When you apply force to a bead (such as by throwing it to the ground), it rapidly expands as a sphere to envelope everything inside an area of effect equal to its strength: 1) a personal space, 2) a melee space, 3) an encounter space. Enveloped targets receive the held status. The sphere's exterior is permeable like a gel, and anything wholly pushed into the sphere is subject to the held status. The sphere can be pushed and moved by lightly touching its exterior, as if it weighed 1 pound. Targets trapped inside can be extracted if they can be reached without the extractor himself being enveloped by the sphere's interior; once a target leaves the sphere, the held status ends. The sphere persist for 1 hour per strength of the item. Those subject to the sphere at first impact are entitled to a contested Sorcery spell check; those who successfully resist are not trapped, but receive 1d6 force damage and flung prone a melee space away.

Precious Stones
Rarity: 3

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