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Welcome to Advanced Old School Revival

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A Quest of Queens

Who will rule the World of Ruin? Embark on an epic quest with the Queen Who Lives to restore balance to the world.

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Join the Revival

The Adventure Begins with You

Advanced Old School Revival (OSR+) is a rules-light tabletop RPG that combines old school play with modern storygaming, designed for new and veteran players alike. Sign up for free and create a hero with our Character Creator, or learn more about what makes OSR+ unique.

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See OSR+ in Action

Want to see OSR+ in action? In this weird west one-shot, you play a crew of gunslingers from a distant American future. Discover the dark secrets of the Middle Country when the PRISM Company strikes gold with a dangerous energy source called the Red Tar.

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Worlds of OSR+

Sword + Sorcery

A Quest of Queens

Can you restore balance to the World of Ruin? In this high fantasy setting, you play a subject of The Queen Who Lives, whose quest to restore the world to balance begins with your pledge of loyalty to her cause. A Quest of Queens is OSR+ flagship sword and sorcery setting and longest-running campaign.


The God Beyond the Portal

This dark fantasy setting takes place during The Long Night, when a mysterious darkness eclipses the light of the sun. Stress mechanics simulate your descent into madness as you seek refuge among the rebel factions of fallen lords and shadowy cultists.


Ride the Lightning

Coming soon: Life is short, but the rail is long. Brave battle trains and bloodthirsty Crashlanders in this steampunk post-apocalypse, inspired by the podcast Worldbuild with Us. Ride the Lightning is a high stakes grinder, where PCs have few resources and fewer HP. You can perish in an instant, but be back in the action just as quickly.

High Fantasy

Magic University

Something sinister is afoot in the Magic University, but it's also your first year in the arcane college, and you've got so much to prove. Will you have time to save the world while making new friends? Besties, boyfriends, and baleful beasts stalk the halls of Magic University in this OSR+ high fantasy setting about what it means to be special, and growing up.

The Long Night

In the wake of permanent nightfall, the Gentle City of Arcanum needs new heroes. Investigate crime syndicates and hidden cults in a clockwork metropolis like no other. Are you up for the task of rooting out corruption in the Gentle City? Or will its corrupted roots grab hold of you too?

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Explore Featured Content


A Quest of Queens

Beset on all sides by enemies who seek to ensure the Queen's extinction, you must seek out ancient sources of power, build coalitions with unlikely allies, and brave the wreckage of the World of Ruin to reclaim the throne for the Queen Who Lives.

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Game Master's Guide. Skip section?

Running OSR+
Game Master's Guide

OSR+ features a complete, soup-to-nuts guide to running the game and designing adventures. It's also a great, all-around resource for the art of gamemastery in general! The best part? It's free and fully searchable online.

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Actual Plays & Podcasts

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Are You Ready to Play OSR+?

Register for a free account and start partying like it’s 1974. Looking for a game or new to roleplaying in general? Sign up for a new player session in our Discord, so we can show you the ropes. There, you can chat with other players, GMs, and the creators of OSR+.

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The Pillars of Play

Infinite Character Concepts

9 classes, 56+ kits, and 8 origins means over 4000 character concepts are possible with just the OSR+ Core Fantasy rules.

Character Creator

Rules-Light Mechanics

OSR+ requires a single d6 to play; two, if you're feeling adventurous. Rules-light design means fast play for players and GMs alike, and new players can learn as they play!

Core Mechanics

Immersive Playstyle

OSR+ mixes old school play with story game mechanics to help you fulfill your hero's destiny. Use downtime, fate points, story tags, and ethos to take control of the narrative.

Learn More

Integrated Campaign Settings

Each World of OSR+ integrates digitally with the Character Creator and all our digital tools, expanding your options from each new campaign setting.

Worlds of OSR+

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Get Started

Unleash Your Inner Hero

Access the Core Rules and every World of OSR+ in one place: the Character Creator lets you generate a hero in minutes. With over 4000 possible combinations of origins, classes, and kits, you can create almost any character concept you can imagine. Register now to create a free account!

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